MODEL KAOS are KRIS (vocals), K.G. (drums, programming) und K.A. (guitars).

MODEL KAOS have a sound which has been described as dark electro gothic. Its roots can be found in dark wave, gothic und EBM of the 80s as well as in today’s future pop. The bands live show is a combination of dark lights, fog and its signature dark electro gothic sound.

MODEL KAOS released their first album “Ghost Market” in May 2012. The album received great recognitions by radio stations, podcasts und DJs all over the world. It reached No. 8 of the German Alternative Charts and No. 7 of the 2012 charts of Dark Horizons Radio. The album was followed up by the singles “If This Is Heaven” in 2012 and “Dreams” and “The Fire” in 2013.

MODEL KAOS are now working on their their upcoming EP “FIRE+ICE” to be released on 28. March 2014. The new album “Phoenix” is planned for June.

KRIS - vocals, lyrics, visual kaos
K.G. - composer, programming, production, live drums
K.A. - guitars, visual kaos